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The Five Spirits

Qi Gong | Acupuncture | Alchemy
Ananda Yoga Belgrave

The Five Spirits encompass the Chinese medicine model of the psyche. Born of Taoist alchemical philosophy, this model goes beyond the understanding of the emotions and into the realm of the soul.

From the ethereal heights of the Shen Spirit, the pinnacle of human consciousness; all the way down into the watery depths of the Zhi Spirit, the driving force behind the trajectory of our lives. We will explore each of the Five Spirits.

This workshop series is designed to help you unlock and understand the unique gifts of your spirit, to help you transform and find deeper meaning in each of these parts of you. The workshops will give you real tools, real methods for working with the Five Spirits, in ways that are easy and effortless.


The Five Spirits Series


Shen: Radiant Spirit June 23

Hun: Light of Inspiration July 21

Yi: Grounded Intention August 18

Po: Instinctual Body Wisdom September 15

Zhi: Enduring Will October 20

Each workshop will immerse you in the essence of the Five Spirits: through Qi Gong movement and acupuncture, self inquiry and guided hypnotic inner alchemy to support you in deeply exploring this part of yourself.

There is something powerful that happens when transformation occurs in a group setting. Secure your place by booking now, or read on for more details.

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A series of five workshops lead by Anna McMullen

Anna will guide you as you explore the Chinese Medicine model of the psyche through movement & stillness; inner alchemy and self inquiry.

Each workshop will include acupuncture and Qi Gong movements aligned with the Spirit, as well as an immersion in the essence of each Spirit, so you may recognise and nurture these parts of yourself.

You will be lead through an inner alchemy session, using NLP and hypnosis and evocative imagery to capture the sense of the Spirit. A journey of transformation, whilst in deep stillness and relaxation.

This series is designed to be a complete journey through all the levels of the Spirits. However, each workshop is complete within itself. If you are unable to attend all five sessions you will still be able to benefit from any of the workshops done separately.

Taking place at Ananda Yoga Belgrave on Sunday afternoons 4pm - 5:30pm


$310 series early bird (ends 23rd May 2024)

$330 series full price

$70 single session

Individual session details and dates

The Five Spirits

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