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Brace the Base for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, also relieves the pain they can cause. It contains two different types of turmeric curcumin extracts, premium chinese herbs and integrative natural actives.


Brace the Base may help in the following ways:


  • Raises the sinking Qi
  • Relieves pain
  • Softens stool
  • Supports tissue healing
  • Supports vessel healing
  • Stimulates collagen production and elasticity repair

Brace the Base Full Size

$90.00 Regular Price
$67.50Sale Price
  • Based in a soothing infusion of aloe gel with carrier oils that soften and assist tissue healing, Brace the Base contains two different types of turmeric curcumin extracts, including a C02 turmeric curcumin, 8 premium pesticide free Chinese herbs including Jia Ye Shu (butcher’s broom) and natural amino, L-arginine with organic Aloe Vera. Soothing and repairing, our base oils include coconut oil as well as cold pressed Bai Zi Ren (biotae orientalis/ platycladi) oil.

    Bai Zi Ren oil is cold pressed, soothing and calming to the heart, moistens the intestines to soften stools and raises the Qi up, for proplapse. “Its steadfastness also makes it impervious to invasion by evil Qi’s floating fire.”  (from: Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Du).

    L-arginine is the most important amino acid for muscle repair. This amino is best absorbed from rectal administration, not oral and in this case, we’re putting it right where it’s needed.

    Having a healthy bowel movement daily is essential to keep your body healthy. When we can eliminate and detoxify properly, we can recover from many ailments. Looking after your detoxification and elimination organs is one of the best ways to stay healthy, because without them, life would be a real Pain In the Ass!


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