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Move Towards Health & Healing


90 MINUTES $210

Guidance & Inspiration

Over this 90 minute session, we can delve deep in to your issue. We have the opportunity to explore your past and the key events which have brought you to this point; as well as working out where you'd like to go from here.

Whether you're suffering from anxiety or depression, struggling to cope with stress or the impact of trauma in your life, these sessions can be useful to help you move forward.

Once we've established your desired outcome we will work together using NLP techniques to retrain the brain. These may include the use of language, movement, deep relaxation or whatever combination of these best suits your needs.

This appointment is appropriate as an initial consultation.

Bridge Over River


60 MINUTES $155

Move Forward with an Open Heart

These sessions are an opportunity to identify what's not working in your life and take real, practical steps to move towards your goal.

If you're seeking relief from worry, stress or anxiety, or wanting to feel more confidence, these sessions can help.

We will use NLP techniques to achieve this. Depending on your specific needs, these techniques may include language, movement or relaxation to facilitate change.

Bridge into the Woods


Take Huge Steps Forward
Three 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

These three sessions give us a great opportunity to move you forward. We can work towards a single goal or multiple goals.

Whether you're wanting to overcome anxiety or low mood, completely remove trauma or instil confidence in your life, working with me over these three sessions can achieve deep and generative change.

*The fine print - Packages must be paid for in full upon booking. Sessions are non-transferable and are to be used within 12 months of booking.

Wandering Traveler


$155 - $210

Inner Alchemy - Transforming Lead in to Gold

Working with empathy and intuition, these sessions are for those wanting to transform their emotional landscape using the ancient art of inner alchemyWe delve deeply in to the emotions to identify what needs to shift.

Combining acupuncture with NLP and deep relaxation techniques, these appointments allow us to go deeper, in to the heart of emotional issues. The acupuncture focusses on the spirit of the points to help release and transform the emotions. You will be guided through this process using NLP and hypnosis techniques.

*Health fund rebates available.

Acupuncture Treatment


Working Holistically to Achieve Great Health

Treatments are gentle and holistic, they combine the best of Chinese medicine knowledge with modern science.

Available for the treatment of a broad range of health concerns.

Contact me to find out more about how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you.

*Health fund rebates available.

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